Experience Matters


Kaycee specializes in providing accounting and tax services to small business owners, as well individuals. Business owners can focus on the day-to-day activities of running a business while we focus on the accounting, tax, and payroll tasks. Kaycee gives small business owners the resources needed to make well-informed decisions all year long, not just at tax time. The sooner you begin working on a strategy the better the odds you'll get the solution you want. Schedule a consultation for a confidential analysis.

Personal & Resourceful



Trust and integrities are huge when it comes to choosing an accounting  bookkeeping firm. We not only understand this but place those values front and center. Since opening in 1999, the company has placed the needs and interests of its clients a top priority. Understanding a company's goals and needs are vital to building the right platform.  We do our due diligence to ensure we understand your business, where you want to take it,  and how best to get there.  We can do it, You can do it, or We can do it together!


Handling your books is not only something you want to make sure are being taking care of by experienced accountants  who have your best interest at heart.  With more than 20 year of experience, Kaycee  and team are your preferred business account and bookkeeping specialist.  Also dealing with tax problems, personal or business related, is not something we take lightly. You need to make sure you have a support team that knows the IRS tax codes.