July 10, 2018

About Us


Our Approach

Kaycee consulting uses a dynamic approach to client consultation and service. We look at the total picture of your business to offer the most comprehensive solutions to all of your accounting, consulting, planing and tax needs. With client always in mind we can assist in all phases of business structure, development, accounting, financing and securing working capital. With a strategic mindset Kaycee consulting will look for indicators of wasteful spending and avoidable loses that cost business owners and eats away profits. Our goal is to provide clients with accurate and steadfast accounting and tax services, compiled with the benefits of consulting services derived from data based analysis.

Our Pledge

Kaycee Consulting knows that errors in accounting and tax preparation can have grave consequences on your business and bottom line. We take great pride in our work ethic and every team member is dedicated to the craft. We strive to set the benchmark in customer communication and give business owners the confidence to know that their business is in good hands. Our goals are clear cut and set in stone, we look to give clients the most accurate accounting possible, giving reports to client as needed. We give extensive data on every aspect of the clients business including customer acquisition costs, advertising ROI figures, employee, inventory and production costs. Tax preparation is no different as we aim to save clients as much time and headache as possible as we handle your business corporate and your personal taxes.

Meet the Team

Accounting and Tax

Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated CPA's and tax specialists are ready to service clients both corporate and individual. We have professionals each with focused specialty to handle every client need.

Business Deveolpment

Our business development team is tailored to seek and implement ways to help your business grow. This can be achieved through cost reduction, revenue generation and growth strategies. The business development team has only one focus and that is to give businesses the proper framework for success.

Elizabeth Cooper

Founder & CEO

Elizabeth has been it the accounting field for over twenty five years and  holds several accolades and accreditation. She formed Kaycee Consulting in 1999 to serve small to medium sized businesses and provide level of service and expertise unlike any other company.

DBE, MWBE, NAICS: #54121 & #541618  SIC #8748000 ESD: #H-0267, H-0359, I-0001, I-0066,I-0476 MSA, Accountancy (Controllership) Series 6 & 63 Life/Health/Annity
NY Notary D&B: #070989584 NYS Vendor ID: #1100136283 PTIN #P0062121 EIN #56-2638029 eFile, Santa Barbara Trust, Refund Advantage

Project Management

Our project management team is on call to oversee any long standing consulting projects and implement day to day management procedures. 

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You can reach out and speak to our team members 24/7 and get started with all of your small business needs.